How to configure WordPress on Ubuntu

The website folders is located in /var/www/html  folder

The password for the root user on the MySQL server is the name of your instance ( for example i-123456780123445)

Now you can access phpMyAdmin by opening the following linkĀ  http://your_instances_ip/phpmyadmin

Connect to phpmyadmin using the root user and the default password ( the instance name)

Create database used for WordPress . Select Databases / enter the name for the new database and click Create

Create user used for WordPress.

Select the Privileges button and click on the Add user account.

Fill the required fields as seen in the picture bellow. Replace the “test” username with a username of your choice

Grant privileges on database

Press Go

After creating the database and the user go to your website http://your_instance_ip/ and use the wizard to configure WordPress

For any issues regarding the configuration please contact

Thank you