More then 15 years experience in IT


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More the 15 years experience in IT . Trusted, secure VMs for every business

“A Virtual Machine (VM) is a compute resource that uses software instead of a physical computer to run programs and deploy apps. One or more virtual “guest” machines run on a physical “host” machine.  Each virtual machine runs its own operating system and functions separately from the other VMs, even when they are all running on the same host. This means that, for example, a virtual MacOS virtual machine can run on a physical PC. “

We are a small company that provides the finest custom development solutions at minimal costs. We assist flourishing and established businesses alike by expediting and smoothening their digital journey. We provide progressive web applications that are developed by distinguished and skilled professionals.

Our expertise spans all types of IT cloud environments—private, hybrid and public—to help you maximize your technology investment. From the initial assessment and production cutover to ongoing management and optimization, we’ll help you successfully migrate and manage your business with capabilities that fully leverage the features and performance benefits of your cloud environment.

To see all the public cloud images released by Tiov IT, please browse our listing on AWS Marketplace