WordPress with Xampp on Windows 2022 Server

The website’s folders are located in C:/xampp/htdocs/ folder

The password for the root account for the MySQL server is located in a text file ( mysql_root_password.txt ) in the Desktop folder of the Administrator account. Please use this password for the first login on the phpmyadmin page and then change it

After you located the password you can access phpMyAdmin by opening the following link

Connect to phpmyadmin using the root user and the provided password

Create database used for WordPress . Select Databases / enter the name for the new database and click Create

Create user used for WordPress.

Select the Privileges button and click on the Add user account.

Fill the required fields as seen in the picture bellow. Replace the “test” username with a username of your choice

Grant privileges on database

Press Go

After creating the database and the user, go to your website or http://your_external_ip and use the wizard to configure WordPress

Notes :

Phpmyadmin access is not available from outside ip’s. Phpmyadmin can be accessed only from the server. For details on how to allow external ip’s to access phpmyadmin please contact us at support@tiovit.com

FTP port 21 is opened and can be accessed from external ip addresses . The username and password can be found in the second text file on the Administrator’s Desktop . The name of the file is “ftp_access.txt”. Please change the password for the ftp account using the Filezila Admin console.

If you need to create multiple websites shared on the same server you need to modify the C:\xampp\apache\conf\extra\httpd-vhosts.conf file

For any issues and support related questions please do not hesitate to contact support@tiovit.com

Thank you